Detox Workshop with Joy McCarthy

Tuesday, July 18th @ 7pm

Taking place in The Simplicity Kitchen in Keswick, ONT 


Join Joy as she shares with you essentials to detox joyously, as outlined in her new bestselling book Joyous Detox! 

  • Joy will discuss what leads to a toxic body, how it impacts your health and the importance of detoxing daily. 
  •  The truth is, your body is constantly detoxifying every single second of every day which is why it’s important to make it a part of your daily routine. 
  • You’ll feel refreshed, healthier and happier when you implement simple strategies to detox naturally.

Joy McCarthy is the Founder of Joyous Health, a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and two-time best-selling author. A trusted nutrition expert, Joy has been featured in hundreds of publications both online and in print; and is a regular health expert on TV.

Joy will be selling her book Joyous Detox, and both of my books and my yoga/fitness DVDs will also be available for purchase.