A Live Rock Solid Booty Class

Sunday Nov 19th @ 8:30am 

Anchor Crossfit Yoga Studio | 443 The Queensway S Keswick


Join me for a LIVE and in-person Rock Solid Booty Class! 

I will be teaching the fundamentals for sculpting your own Rock Solid Booty with my signature teaching style. This will be a fusion class of yoga, pilates and strength training from my hit 21-day training program. 

If you signed up for Rock Solid Booty (or if you're curious about it), this is the perfect chance to get a more hands-on experience of my teaching style. 

If you have a set of YogaTuneUp therapy balls please bring them! I will have some for sale for $20 as well as a few Coregeous balls for $20

My books and DVD's will be available for sale as well.