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About Their Experience Inside The Hormone Project


When does it start?

We welcome new members at intervals throughout the year. As soon as you register, you gain access to your Membership site which explains exactly how to get started. From here you can get started on your 14 day digestive reset and book in your initial consult with your coach.

You get life-time access to the education, and 6 months access to the group coaching aspect of the program. Your 6 months within the course begins after your initial consultation.

  • What’s covered inside the consultations?

CONSULT #1 -- INITIAL CONSULTATION (60 min) -- Our first session together is an opportunity for your practitioner to get to know about you, your history, any struggles or imbalances going on, your current health status and regime and where you want to move forward in your journey. How do you want to FEEL by the end of our journey together and where can I help?

CONSULT #2 -- YOUR DUTCH REVIEW OF FINDINGS (30 min) -- Your practitioner will look at your DUTCH results, along side your blood work, and show you what it all means for your health. We'll use the results to help you outline your next steps.

CONSULT #3 and #4-- FINAL CONSULTS (30min)  -- Inside this session your practitioner is there to ensure you're feeling more educated, empowered and inspired about moving forward. She's also there to check-in with you to see if your protocol is working as it should be.

  • Do I have the same Practitioner throughout the course? YES. However, if your primary practitioner thinks it would be best for you to meet with one of our other coaches due to their specialty and experience, that will be advised within one of your consults. 
  • What is included the initial intake form? This assessment tool helps both you and your practitioner will take a deeper look into your current health; mind, body and soul. You may notice yourself writing about things you didn’t realize were bothering you or affecting your day-day living until someone actually asked you the right questions. It helps to breakdown certain signs and symptoms, especially in the area of your hormones, digestive health and inflammation patterns.
  • What is involved in the blood work analysis? You will send your practitioner your latest blood work (completed within the last 6 months) by either your GP or Naturopath that we can help set up for you if your family doctor won’t agree to all testing. I also provide you with a professional request to take into your family Doctors office to help assist you in them agreeing to the tests we are requesting. Once we have your results, we do a full analysis and explain what's going on in your body, where the gaps are, what is or isn’t sitting in optimal ranges and how we want to catch things in your body at the SUB-optimal level…not wait for things to hit rock bottom. This analysis could mean the difference between medication or simply shifting your lifestyle habits, routines and patterns. This is a game changer my friends!!

  • What is The Hormone Project Tuition fee? The investment for this course is $3999 + applicable tax, which includes the cost of the DUTCH test. This is the premier test I recommend for all of my clients.
  • What are my options for payment?
  • PRICING OPTION ONE -- PAY IN FULL: Pay for the entire course in one easy payment of $3999 + applicable tax.
  • PRICING OPTION TWO -- PAY IN 4 INSTALLMENTS 4x payments of $1050+ applicable tax, charged monthly from the day you register

  • What is on the meal plan? There are actually 4 protocols, and each one contains 3 different meals plans. Inside each protocol there is a meal plan option for SIBO / Leaky Gut, Vegetarian's and Omnivore's. The meal plans throughout this program are made up of real whole food with the proper synergy and balance to reduce inflammation and cravings, optimize digestion, bowels and energy and lose weight if that is your goal. These plans are full of delicious recipes with real ingredients you will recognize and understand where and how to buy and completely appropriate for your entire family to enjoy. No need to make two meals here. I move you through 3 different phases of meal planning and food consumption to build a foundation within, stoke your metabolic system and re-train your gut, hormones and palate to ask for the foods that balance you most. They are also customizable based off of your need. 
  • What type and how much exercise are we required to do? All 3 of my signature Simplicity Body Series ~ Rock Solid Booty, Sleeveless Strength and Fit Fierce and Fluid located inside our Hormone Project Movement Library with a mix of guided yoga, pilates, and strength training videos that will help you strengthen your body, increase energy, and gently stimulate your lymph and nervous systems without burning you out
  • Are there supplements involved? Yes. I recommend my Foundational Five supplements and I encourage you to get on them, but it’s not mandatory. That being said I can tell you that if you aren’t setting the foundation and tone for your body, via the right supplement base and key nutrients, your body simply won’t respond in the way you’re hoping. My supplement recommendations are nothing crazy and your entire family can benefit from each of them as well. Depending on what is going on hormonally, I may recommend additional support in way of supplements, herbs, tinctures or body and energy care work.
  • Will I have more energy and sleep better with this program? 100%. Each day that we remove the key inflammatory triggers from your body your whole world will change. Your body will get the rest it needs, your energy will improve, your mood, your patience, your skin, bowels and overall outlook on life. We can’t improve one area of your body or life without other areas or systems jumping on board. That is the beauty of a truly holistic approach.
  • Will I lose weight? There are no personal guarantees but chances are yes, your body will finally begin to shed the excess pounds of inflammation and protection it has been carrying around for so long. This whole program is focused on empowering your body and making it feel safe and supported. You will be cutting the crap and BS around the story you were told about how your body functions. Once you learn the why, then apply the new meals, the new exercise, the new supplements and shift your perspective your body will let go of the pounds.
  • Can my daughter listen in to these classes? ABSOLUTELY!! I want this program to help you help your whole family and as the mother of a daughter I can assure you the younger she can be present in hearing this information, even if at first it is simply background noise, the more she will come to understand about her body, health and story being told from within. It is the gift that keeps on giving.
  • Do I have to have Facebook to take part in the program? While it is not mandatory, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you have a Facebook account. If you don't want to use your own account, you can sign in as a friend so you can take advantage of the community aspect of the program. The FB group is where you can interact with fellow THP'rs. If that doesn't appeal to you, it's not mandatory and wont affect your ability to access the program content.
  • Are the classes LIVE? All of our class modules will be prerecorded and uploaded directly to your member area for easy access. However, we do have LIVE group coaching calls every Monday night @ 7:30pm EST hosted by Jenn so you can ask questions throughout the program.
  • Am I able to claim this program through my benefits? We have had some clients in the past that were able to write off a portion of the course. Jenn is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, and a Medical Exercise Specialist. If any of those designations are covered under your insurance package, you may be able to write it off. You will receive an invoice and receipt upon registration that you can submit if you wish. Please note we cannot prorate receipts as a company.
  • Can I get a portion of the course covered through Insurance, since Laura Anderson is an ND? The short answer is no. You cannot submit reimbursement for Laura as your Naturopath for this course. Laura is considered a health coach within the program, not an ND, due to strict regulations for ND's in Ontario. If you would like to book a separate + additional Naturopathic Doctor appointment while you are in the program, you will receive a separate invoice and then you can submit that single appointment to your insurance company. But that will not be included in the price of the course.
  • Can I get a portion of the course covered through Insurance, since Megan Kroeker is an NP? The short answer is no. You cannot submit reimbursement for Megan as your Nurse Practitioner for this course. If you would like to book a separate + additional Nurse Practitioner appointment while you are in the program, you will receive a separate invoice and then you can submit that single appointment to your insurance company. But that will not be included in the price of the course. This is due to strict regulations for regulated health professionals in Ontario.
  • What is the DUTCH Test? The DUTCH test -- this is a hormone test and it's included in the price of the program. When you sign up for The Hormone Project, you get drop shipped a test to your door and this is a central part of our work together over our 6 months inside THP. If you want to dive deeper into the DUTCH test, you can watch Jenn explain what it is inside this FULL sample review --- WATCH A DUTCH TEST REVIEW to see if this is what you need.
  • What is the GI Map Test? The GI Map Test -- this is an optional test that we can add on to your THP protocol if we feel like you need it. This test is recommended if you suffer from food sensitivities, PCOS, or any level of autoimmunity. This test gives us a full glimpse as to what's going on inside your Gastro Intestinal (GI) Tract and will test for bacterial, parasitic, and viral activity commonly known to cause intestinal gastroenteritis -- WATCH A GI MAP TEST REVIEW to see if this is what you need.
  • What is the Additional Cost for GI Map Package? Reach out to one of our Wellness Advisors to get up to date pricing options for our GI Map packages. Apply now to be connected with a Wellness Advisor.
  • Is this program refundable? No.