Create the body you want.

Discover my 6 method system to creating the body you want for life.

I have brought my best-selling book to life in this 6 week online course. If you are ready to truly LEARN more about holistic health, mindset, nutrition, digestion, healing auto-immune disorders, food sensitivities, your hormones, your cycle, skincare, how to simplify supplements and get the most out of your exercise, then this course was made for you! The Simplicity Project Online Begins Spring 2018 (date TBA)

You will join me for weekly classes, that you can watch at anytime, so you can take this course at your own pace. The sessions will be recorded and available for you to watch anytime you want. 

What Will You Learn?

Each week I will guide you through a different body system, so you can begin to unravel your signs and symptoms, to ultimately create the body you want.

Digestion 101

✓ The very foundation of your health stems from your gut

✓ To get out of your rut you've got start with your gut!

✓ Healing Your Digestion is where true health begins 

✓ Fanning The Out-Of-Control Flames

✓ Getting Rid of Inflammation

Hormones 101

✓ Everything you need to know about your hormones

✓ Your cravings and what your body is trying to tell you

✓ What you need to ask for when it comes to blood tests

✓ Review your hormone questionnaire

Skin Care 101

✓ Your bathroom cleanout guide

✓ All about skin care

✓ Which products to ditch and avoid

✓ Where you can get clean and green products for your skin

✓ Homemade skin-care recipes

✓ Clean Make Up 101

Meal Planning & Budgeting

✓ Meal planning guidelines 

✓ Learn how to plan your weekly menu for the whole family

✓ Your 14-day menu plan, complete with simplicious recipes from my cookbook The Simplicity Kitchen

✓ Tips for saving time and staying on budget

Exercise & Supplements

✓ Exercise guidance, how to train in less time to get maximum results

✓ Simplifying your supplements

✓ My foundational five supplement reccomendations

✓ A few other superfoods to help you adapt to stress

✓ Various diet types, how to navigate them and which one to choose for your body

Stress Reduction & Mindset

✓ Stress Reduction Tips

✓ You are so inspired now as you near the end of your course, that you can take the information you have learned and apply it to the areas of your life that need the most Simplicity and Ease. 

✓ Create your holistic living strategy and core desired feelings moving forward 


Sign up today and you will qualify for one of our VIP spots, which includes these amazing bonuses! If you're humming and ha-ing over if you should take this course, the time to say YES is NOW! 

Our Simplicity Book Set - receive an eCopy of both of our books, The Simplicity Project and The Simplicity Kitchen

A 16-part bonus video library, where you can watch Jenn in the kitchen creating recipes from your menu plan, plus a DIY body care series, and guided workout videos

Our most popular and game-changing bonus of all - a VIP ticket to our annual LIVE event Ignite Your Life, happening June 9th, 2018 in Newmarket ONT ($149 value). Complete with guest speakers, amazing vendors and movement, this day is our entire course come to life

What Our Alumni Says

Hundreds of women have taken this program, and here is what the have to say...

"Once I started working with Jenn, and began to implement the teachings of the Simplicity Project, I lost 32 pounds and I'm in the best shape of my life. "

-Christine, Round 1 alumni

"Since participating in [Jenn's] Program I have a completely different relationship with my body. I was able to truly see and feel the connection between what I eat and how I feel and look. So many things have improved; my energy is incredible, my digestion has never been better, no more bloating or constipation, I stopped waking up at 1am and now sleep soundly and I lost 11 pounds and 19 inches in just 28 days of following the program. It was simple, easy and delicious. I cannot thank you Jenn and your guests enough for the inspiration and support you provided me" 

- Kim, Round 2 alumni

"I began working with Jenn Pike just over 2 months ago after reading a post online about her Simplicity Project Journey that she was starting with some new clients. After reading what it was all about; which involved so much more than just a meal plan and workout schedule I knew I had to learn more. During this journey that is about to come to a close, I have learned so much from Jenn about what it takes to live a healthier lifestyle that helps to make me a better person for myself and my family. We are eating healthier as a family and my 2 and 4 year old kids are mimicking exercises they see myself and my husband do while working out at home. I have more energy and feel better than I have in a long time. I will forever be grateful for all of the knowledge that Jenn has shared with me throughout this journey; it has truly inspired me to change my lifestyle and I have fallen in love with yoga and all that Simplicity has to offer. "

- Sherri, Round 1 alumni

"Last weekend we bought a house in the country. Jenn has inspired me to live a healthier more soulful lifestyle and this house spoke to me. I knew when I attended Jenn's one day seminar she would change my life forever and help me become a better version of myself! I can't wait to do my yoga on the deck outside! We might even get some chickens and have fresh eggs daily! Thank you Jenn for being so awesome and changing my life for the better!"

-Judith, Hormone Project alumni

"In all honesty, when you take the course you feel like she's right there beside you having a conversation with you IN REAL LIFE."

-Cassandra, Round 2 alumni