Create the body you want.

Discover my 6-step approach to creating the body you want for life.

After years of travelling to teach the principles of my book The Simplicity Project, I knew I needed a better way to spread this education and message to more women around the world without leaving my family so often. I built the most profound relationships and online community with women from around the globe that I knew an online version was needed, so The Simplicity Project 6-Week Online Course was born! Our next course begins Spring 2019.

Over these 6-weeks you will join me live from my home to yours via the ever fabulous internet, as I teach you my 6-step approach to decoding the signs and symptoms of your body, to understanding the why behind the what you are feeling; to repair your digestive inflammation and cool down the flames of irritation throughout your body. You will learn how to best support your liver, hormonal and detoxification pathways, how to nourish your thyroid and adrenals, plus the exact blood tests to request from your primary physician or functional practitioner. 

You will learn how to plan, prep, budget and shop for the best food sources and choices of food for you and your family. I will teach you all about the most essential supplements your body requires and how to know if you need any additional support for your system. We will step inside your bathroom, kitchen and laundry room and detox your space to remove any and all hormonal disruptors, respiratory irritants, asthma, allergy and autoimmune condition triggers and replace with uber clean, healthy and inexpensive products many of which you can make yourself! 

I will teach you how to best determine which type, intensity, length and style of exercise and movement is best for your individual body and the goals you have. The 6 weeks wouldn't be complete without spending an evening together talking about the power of our mindset; the toll that stress can take on our bodies and in a matter of moments how you can reclaim your mental sanity and peace of mind; allowing you to choose - with an incredible amount of living discernment - what you say "Heck YES" to and what you say "HECK NO" to!

Let's get started...

Create the body you want.

What Will You Learn?

Join me LIVE each week in our weekly webinars, as I guide you through a different body system, so you can begin to unravel your signs and symptoms, to ultimately create the body you want. 

If you can't join live, don't sweat it! Each class is recorded and sent to you so you can watch it as many times as you need to. 

Digestion 101

✓ The very foundation of your health stems from your gut

✓ To get out of your rut you've got start with your gut!

✓ Learn exactly how to heal your digestion and repair a leaky gut with my 4-phase approach

✓ Fanning The Out-Of-Control Flames of Inflammation

✓ Receive a mealplan and recipes to support your new digestive healing 

Hormones 101

✓ Learn which hormones are out of balance, which are doing great and what needs your attention NOW!

✓ Learn why you have insatiable cravings and how to erase them.

✓ Get the exact blood tests you need to request and sample scripts for how to ask for them

✓ Access to my comprehensive hormone questionnaire

Skin Care 101

✓ Your bathroom cleanout guide

✓ All about skin care

✓ Which products to ditch and avoid

✓ Where you can get clean and green products for your skin

✓ Homemade skin-care recipes

✓ Clean Make Up 101

Meal Planning & Budgeting

✓ Learn how to plan your weekly menu for the whole family, including work, travel and on-the-go nutrition 

✓ Your 14-day menu plan, complete with simplicious recipes from my cookbook The Simplicity Kitchen

✓ Tips for saving time and staying on budget

✓ Get my NEW Simplicity Finances worksheet that will teach you how to make your health a priority without feeling like you need a second job  

Exercise & Supplements

✓ What are the absolute best types of exercise and movement for you to hit your goals? Weight loss, strength, endurance, flexibility and more

✓ Simplifying your supplements and my TOP 5 must haves for you and your family  

✓ How to know if your body require additional vitamins, minerals, adaptogens, tinctures, herbs and more  

✓ Various diet types, how to navigate them and which one to choose for your body

Stress Reduction & Mindset

✓ Real life and realistic stress reduction tips. I am going to share with you my personal climb back to life after major stress and overwhelm and it can be possible for you too. 

✓ Feel more confident, more equipped and ready to make the necessary shifts in your life so that you can truly feel the way you want to feel.

✓ Create your own best Simplicity Lifestyle by design AND ensure that there is a heaping dose of self-love within it

Your digestive system and gut create the foundation of your well-being BUT without a healthy mindset and the necessary tools and resources to manage what life may provide you; you will constantly feel like you are spinning your wheels to make your goals a reality. In The Simplicity Project Online, you will be building your toolbox as you go and by the end be able to map the journey to your goal all on your own!  

 I promise you that by the end of these 6-weeks you will feel more confident, more equipped and ready to make the necessary shifts in your life so that you can truly feel the way you want to feel. 

 Your Amazing Bonuses

Sign up today and qualify for these amazing bonuses! 

Sign up today and you will qualify for one of our VIP spots, which includes these amazing bonuses! If you're humming and ha-ing over if you should take this course, the time to say YES is NOW!

Our Bonus Video Library

A 16-part bonus video library, where you can watch Jenn in the kitchen creating recipes from your menu plan, plus a DIY body care series, and guided workout videos which you can do from your living room. All you need is a yoga mat, some water an minimal to no equipment. 

A FREE Ticket to Ignite Your Life ($149 value)

Our most popular and game-changing bonus of all - a VIP ticket to our annual LIVE event Ignite Your Life, happening June 9th, 2018 in Newmarket, Ontario. Complete with guest speakers, amazing vendors and movement, this day is our entire course come to life.

The Simplicity eBook Set 

Receive our Simplicity eBook Set. You'll get an eCopy of both of my foundational book, The Simplicity Project and my fan-favourite cookbook, The Simplicity Kitchen. You will get these eBooks immediately upon sign up, so you can get started on your journey NOW.

Access to Our Private Facebook Community

Gain access to our private Facebook Group, where you will receive daily inspiration, recipes, and community interaction. Post your questions in the group and connect with fellow TSP members. 

Weekly Facebook LIVE Q&A Sessions

In addition to our LIVE weekly webinars, you’ll get BONUS Q&A’s within our Facebook group. Ask me questions on this spot and get answers right then and there. 

Incredible Guest Speakers

Meet the most incredible guest speakers at our live event Ignite Your Life, including Author and Nutritionist Joy McCarthy, Podcast Extraordinaire Dr. Meghan Walker, Body-Love expert Rachel Molenda and Holistic Nutritionist Samantha Gladish. 


Hundreds of women have taken this program, and here is what they have to say...

I just wanted to take the time to thank Jenn and show my appreciation for The Simplicity Project. The last few years have been quite a roller coaster ride for me both emotionally and physically. My body was sick and it was tired. Fate sat me in Jenn’s living room one evening and I am so thankful for meeting her. I have made some HUGE changes in my diet and lifestyle. I have learned so much about food, my body and my health. I am now working with an incredible 'team' on my journey to health including; a ND, TCM, cranial sacral massage specialist, energy/reiki, a Homeopath and an Osteopath. Because of Jenn I now understand that it takes more than just a few changes, it's definitely a 'holistic' approach. This month for the first time in over 10 years my period did not have me doubled over in pain throwing up from childbirth like cramps ! I didn't take a single ounce of medication for pain ! Im astounded and so very thankful ! It really is quite emotional to no longer have to suffer. I never thought it was possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- Melissa N

I've returned home after 10 days of visiting family, eating out, long stints on an airplane and sitting in vehicles, attending 2 family weddings and an emotional anniversary/reunion . Armed with the knowledge and habits that I learned from the Simplicity Project, I was able to breeze through the vacation with no weight gain, very little bloating and I had better control of my emotions. I enjoyed the homemade treats made for us and drinks but was in control the whole time. Thanks, Jenn and everyone!

- Marian S.C

I've learned a lot especially about estrogen dominance and skin care and all the products we use. I've started replacing things as I finish them and pick up a new product or try a new recipe each week. LOVE the morning elixirs, even have my husband drinking them! I am viewing this as a long distance run, not a sprint where with all the knowledge I'm gaining I will continue to make improvements to my life and my families. 

- Lori G

The biggest thing I've noticed is how conscience I am of everything I eat/drink and put on my body. I'm making better choices, trying new recipes, and loving everything new that I've introduced! Especially loving the change in my skin care routine - there is something to be said for the oil cleansing method! My skin is loving it.

- Lindsay H

My self journey with health and wellness has been ever changing over the past two years. I have seen dramatic changes, for the better, and continue to learn each day. This is my second time participating in the online simplicity project and I am thrilled to be learning new things as I inject more simplicity and wellness into my daily routine. What's better is how these changes influence my family and those around me. I just wanted to send out my love and thanks for your passionate inspiration, Jenn Pike

- Connie P

This has truly been the best program that I have ever done and I have done lots! You are the real deal, Jenn Pike. I am full of gratitude and knowledge.  

- Heather H