A 12 month container for the woman craving the energy and connection that emerges from being part of a collective RISE

Hosted by: Jenn Pike & Laura Foster

We Begin November 23rd @ 7pm EST / 4pm PST

BONUS: We are offering a personal 1:1 30 min activation session for each of the first 10 women to register.

Canadian Residents

This is for you if...

  • You're ready to welcome in deeper conversations & profound shifts in your life
  • You can feel the energy of newness coming through you and you want to create a devotional space for the woman you are becoming
  • You're ambitious but done with feeling exhausted & you're ready to be in the energy of women who can show you what's possible
  • You want to step away from the relationships, friendships, or roles that are no longer serving you in order to step toward the things that truly light you up - yet you can't quite make it happen
  • You're craving (+ needing) a change
  • You want to have a different felt experience in your life that you can't quite articulate yet
  • You want to be inspired to step into the woman you know you are and say goodbye to who others expect you to be
  • You want to rise up surrounded by a community + the collective the energy of other women
  • You're seeking a deeper relationship with your SELF so you can attune to what’s right for you, right here, right now.
  • You are ready to be in resonance with the energy of other women — being seen, heard, supported and celebrated along the way

This is not about what you receive when you join us.

It’s about what you’re saying YES to being a part of.

BONUS: We are offering a personal 1:1 30 min activation session for each of the first 10 women to register.


What We Will Flow Through Inside Our 12-months Together

  • We have curated 24 sessions that we will lead live throughout our year together, and each session will have a different concept & theme
  • We will host 2 live sessions per month + everything will be recorded
  • In between sessions there will be a virtual space for all of us to connect even deeper with one another
  • Elements of curiosity & surprise are built into this offering, so we're not sharing all of the details just yet, but it will be transformative for all of us

Take a deep breath and ask yourself —

How would your life feel and function one year from now if you devoted this level of space, time and energy to YOU?

There is something exceptionally powerful about placing yourself in a space where women are having uncommon conversations.

If this feels like a resounding YES, trust the answer.

We can’t wait to have you be a part of this one year long co-creation.

Loads of love,

Jenn and Laura 

The Investment


  • PRE-SALE PRICE - Pay In Full & Save - $5555 + applicable tax REGULAR $7777
  • PRE-SALE PRICE - 12 payments of $500 + applicable tax REGULAR $700